West Branch Huff/Hoff Families




(1) William of Nipenose

1790 - Northumberland Co. 2-0-1

1800 - Lycoming Co. - 1 Male over 45 & 1 Female over 45.

Notes: The second male with the family in 1790 is unknown.

(2) William & Anne of Dunstable & Bald Eagle

1810 - William Hoff - Lycoming Co. - Dunstable Twp - 2 M 16-25. 2F<10, 1F16-25

1820 - William Huff - Centre Co - Bald Eagle - 2M<10, 1M26-45, 2M>45, 1F<10, 2F10-16, 1F26-45.

Upper Bald Eagle had just changed from Lycoming to Centre Co. Affected 45 families, including John & William Huff.

1830 - William Huff - Bald Eagle Twp, Centre Co. - 1M<5, 2M5-9, 1M40-49, 1F<5, 1F30-39.

1840 - William Huff - Bald Eagle Twp, Clinton Co. - 2M<5, 1M10-15, 1M50-59, 2F5-9, 1F40-49.

1850 - William Huff - Beech Creek Twp, Clinton Co. - William 68, farmer; Ann 55; James 21; Sarah 17; Jonathan 15; Silas 12 and Louisa 19.

Notes: If this William is the son of a Huff who was in the Dunstable area in 1800, the only ones with a son in the proper age bracket are Edmund and John.

(3) William & Susan of Bald Eagle

1850 Census: Clinton Co, Bald Eagle Township - William, 33,Farmer; living with parents James, 66 and Susanna, 54. Also James Hepburn Huff, 13 and Susan Paulina Huff, 9. James and Susan Paulina are also children of James and Susanna. Another child, Francis was "now in the West" when James made his will in 1855. Another daughter, Nancy, was born about 1830. In the 1840 Census, James Huff (Bald Eagle) had in his household 1M<5 (James Hepburn); 1M20-29 (William); 1M50-59 (James); 2F16-19 (Susan and Nancy) and 1F40-49 (Susanna). In the 1830 Census, there is a James Hoff in Dunstable Twp, Lyc. Co, with 1M10-14 (William), 1M40-49 (James), 1F10-14 (Nancy) and 1F30-39 (Susanna). In the 1820 Census, in Dunstable Township is James, 26-45; one male under 10 (William), one female under 10, one female 16-25 and one female 26-45 (Susanna). Some of the ages do not not match up well in census and son Francis cannot be identified in any census. The children are, however, spelled out in James’ will. A short biography of William in 1900 stated that he had four siblings and that none had survived to that date.


1860 Census: Bald Eagle Twp, Clinton, Co. - William Huff, 43, Farmer; Elizabeth Huff, 43; Joseph Huff, 3; and Anna Huff, 1 mo. These were the only two children of this couple.


1870 Census: Bald Eagle Twp, Clinton, Co. - William Huff, 54, Farmer, Mill Hall P.O.; Susan Huff, 53; Joseph Huff, 13; and Anna Huff, 10. Also a Margaret Lauback, 15. Note that thr wife’s name is again "Susan".


William was born 10 Mar, 1817, at Farrandsville, Clinton Co, when it was still a part of Lycoming Co.; the son of James and Susan Huff. James was a native of that part of Northumberland Co which later became Lycoming Co. and was in farming and Lumbering. Both James and Susan died in 1855. They had 5 children.


William married Susan McCormick, a daughter of Joseph McCormick on 6 Oct, 1855. They had Joseph H. Huff, a farmer of Bald Eagle township; and Anna E., who married Charles Salmon of Beech Creek, Clinton Co. William worked for his father until the age of 25, at which time he began his own Lumbering business. He eventually owned large tracts of land in Clinton and Clearfield Counties. He died Feb 9, 1900, leaving all property to his children His wife apparently preceeded him. Daughter Annie (Salmon) received property known as the "McCormick Farm" in Beech Creek Township, which contained 150 acres. This was apparently left to Susan from her father, Joseph McCormick. Son Joseph received the "mansion and farm" in Bald Eagle, containing 116 acres.

(4) William of Wash. Twp, Lycoming Co. & White Deer Twp, Union Co.

Probable son of Joseph and Catherine ; and brother to Joseph, Jr. and Charles

1830 Census: William Hoff (all in Lyc. Co were spelled "Hoff") Lycoming Co., Washington Twp- 1M<5, 1M30-39 & 1F30-39.

1840 Census: William Huff, White Deer Twp, Union Co. - 1M5-9, 1M40-49 & 1F40-49.

1850 Census: William Huff, White Deer Twp, Union Co. - William, 52; living in the household of Joseph,50. Also Catherine, 75 is in the same hh. His wife is not there and the only boy who fits the age of the 1840 Census is George, 14.

(5) William and Mary of Rush Twp, Northumberland Co.

1830 Census: Henry Hoff is listed in Rush Twp, with 2 males under 5, 2 males 5-9, 1 male 10-14 and himself, at age 40-49. His parents, Anthony and Susanna, are on the adjoining farm. Their ages are 80-89 and 70-79. William (1817-1900) fits the 10-14 age group in Henry’s household..

1840 Census: Rush Township. William ia not listed, but within the household of Henry and Mary Huff is a male, age 20-30. This fits the age group of William. Henry and Mary are age 50-60, and they are the parents of William, Mahlon, Phillip, Isaac (Dr.),Anthony, Mary Ann, Ellen, and Margaret.

1850 Census: Rush Twp., Northumberland Co. - William Huff, 35; Mary Huff, 38; Margaret Huff, 32; and Isaac Huff, 34 (Teacher) are all in the same hh and adjoining the hh of Mahlon and Hannah Huff and their family. In the same Twp are the families of Phillip, 34, and Eleanor, 34, and son Francis, 10; and; Henry, 62, and Mary Huff, 61, with grandchildren (?) Mary Goodrich,7, and Harvey Goodrich,11.

In the 1860 Census, there is a William and Mary A. Huff in Rush Twp, with ages of 38 and 40. Those ages do match the ages in 1850, but it is undoubtely the same family.

1870 Census: Rush Township, Northumberland Co. William, 50 and Mary A., 53, living with the family of Robert Cambell. Also in Rush is the family of brother Anthony, 43; who adjoins Philip, 60, and he adjoins Isaac, 46, (Physician). By 1880, only the families of Anthony and Isaac are left in the township.Anthony had five sons, Clarence, Isaac, John, George P. and Elbert; and daughters Alice, Adelaide (Addie), and Mary. Dr. Isaac had only one child (at age 55), Mary.

(6) William and Catherine (Elizabeth) of Lycoming and Union Co.

1850 Census: William H. Huff, 14; son of Isaac, 41, and Hannah, 41, of Chapman Twp, Union Co.

Also, brothers: John, 18; George W;, 14; Samuel, 9; Henry C., 5; and Charles, 3. Sisters: Mary A., 16; and Margaret,7.

1860 Census: William ,24 and Catherine, 21, Huff. Brady Twp., Lycoming Co.

1880 Census: William, 44 and Elizabeth, 40, and the following ch; Mary E., 19; Anna J., 11; Sarah, 9; William,7; Susan, 5; Martha B., 4; and Catherine A., 9 mos. Gregg Twp., Union Co.




(1) Benjamin of Lycoming, Venango & Warren Co’s.

1790 Census: Benjamin Huffe, Northumberland Co. 2-0-1. One of five Huffe families in Northumberland

The County census conducted in 1800 showed Benjamin to be near Gershom Huff, although Gershom does not show in the Federal Census that same year.

1800 Census: Benjamin Hoff, Lycoming Co, Nipenose Twp. 2M16-25, 1M>45, 1F<10, 1F16-25, 1F>45. This is Benjamin Huff, b. Hunterdon or Morris Co, NJ ca 1749; and Mary Magee (1744-1830), dau of Thomas McGee. Only two ch are known: Mary "Polly" ( ) and Joseph (1785-1850/60). There are four children in the hh in 1810. By 1810 this family had moved to Venengo Co and by 1820 to Warren Co. where he died at age 70.

(2) Benjamin of Augusta Twp, Northumberland Co.

Born 1775/80, died after 1830. Son John identified (b. 1805/10)

1810 Census: Benjamin Huff, Augusta Twp, Northumberland Co. - 1M<10 (John), 1M26-45 (Benj) 1F<10 & 1F26-45.

1820 Census: Benjamin Huff, Augusta Twp, Northumberland Co. - 1M10-15 (John) 1M26-45 (Benj), 3F<10, 1F10-15 & 1F26-45.

1830 Census: Benjamin Huff, Augusta Twp, Northumberland Co. - 1M50-59, 1F<5, 1F5-9, 2F10-14, & 1F15-19. PLUS, On the next farm - John Hoff - 1M<5, 1M20-29 & 1F20-29.

Note: After 1830, son John has not been identified. There are several possibilities in the area, i.e. 1840: Union Co, 1M 30-39 and Northumberland Co., Shamokin Twp, John Hoff, 20-29, and John Huff in Buffalo Twp, of Perry Co. age 30-39.




(1) John and Mary of Nipenose Twp, Lycoming Co.

1790 Census: John Huffe, Northumberland Co. - 2-0-3

1800 Census: John Hoff, Nipenose Twp., Lycoming Co. - 1M26-45, 1F<10, 1F10-15, 1F>45.

John died 1807. His will named his wife Mary, and daughters Elizabeth, Agnes and Ruth. Elizabeth married David Hetherington and Agnes married James Bennett. The John Huff farm adjoined that of William Huff and his wife, who were both over 45 in 1800, when John was age 26-45. William may have been old enough to be John’s father.

Also living nearby in the same township were Benjamin and Gershom Huff. They lived next to Henry Antes and General McMicken. McMicken’s farm was originally settled by Edmund Huff before 1775, further tieing together these Huff families in the West Branch area.

Both John and his wife were probably from NJ, based on subsquent information on daughter Elizabeth who later claimed she was born in NJ. Benjamin Huff was also born in NJ and Gershom was married in Morris County, NJ.

(2) John of Bald Eagle Twp.

1800 Census: John Huff, Bald Eagle Twp, Lycoming Co. - 1M6-15, 1M16-25 and 1F6-15. This is a strange mix of ages for a family. It could be a young father and his two children; or, it could be an older brother taking care of two younger siblings.

There is another Huff family in Bald Eagle, listed as "____ Huffs - 1M16-25, 1F16-25, and 1F>45. This could be a unit of the same family. The only Huff from 1790 who is unaccounted for in 1800 is Joseph. In 1790 he had 1-3-6, which could fit the two families of Bald Eagle in 1800.

(3) John Huff of Chapman Twp., Lycoming Co.

1820 Census: John Huff, Chapman Twp, Lyc. Co. - 1M26-45, 1F10-15, and 1F26-45.

Notes: there was no John Huff listed in the area in 1810. This could be, by age, one of the Huffs in Bald Eagle in 1800. Chapman Township was the northwest corner of the county, near the southern edge of Cameron Co. Looking at the residents in that township, they turn out to be the families that settled Cameron County, including John Spangler. This John Huff was almost certainly related to Edmund (2nd), (because the county history says that Edmond showed up in the same area in 1820-1822) although his age is slightly too old at over 26; and he doesn’t have any male children. This is one of the great enigmas to solve in the history of the Huff family of Lycoming and Cameron counties.


(4) John and Eve Huff of Dunstable Twp, Clinton Co.

John Huff was born 1811. Married Eve Kalenbach (b. 1818 Germany) in 1840, in Clinton County. The first listing of their family is in 1850. In establishing the Ancestors of John, it is necessary to track the Huff families who lived in Dunstable Township; beginning in 1810:

1810 Census: Edmund, Abraham and William Huff all had families in Dunstable Township.

1820 Census: Only James Huff is listed in Dunstable Twp.

1830 Census: There were two families in Dunstable Twp. (1) Elizabeth Hoff, 1M<5, 1M10-14, 1M15-19 (John ?), 1M20-29, 1F<5, 2F5-9, 1F20-29, 1F40-49. (2) James Hoff, 1M10-14, 1M40-49, 1F10-14, 1F30-39. Elizabeth had 8 children, 2 under 5; so her husband had just recently died. James is in the same age category as Elizabeth, so he cannot be a child. He may be a brother to her husband.

1840 Census: Elizabeth Huff, Dunstable Twp - 1M 20-29, 1F 5-9, 1F 10-14, 1F 15-19, 1F 50-59. This probably is John (20-29); living with his mother, Elizabeth.

1850 Census: John and Eve Huff, Dunstable Twp, John, 38; Eve, 32; Andrew, 9; George, 6; John, 4; Charles, 6 mo. Next farm is Elizabeth Huff, 66,Widow; and Mahaly Smith, 20. This suggests that Elizabeth is John’s mother.

1860 Census: Dunstable Twp., John Huff, 48; Eve Huff, 44; Andrew, 19; George, 16; Theodore, 14; Charles, 11; and Jacob, 8. On the next farm is Elizabeth Huff, 73, living alone. (Almost certainly John’s mother).

1870 Census: John ,59; Eve, 52; Theodore, 24; Charles, 20,; Jacob, 17. Also in the township are the families of two of the sons of John and Eve: (1) George Huff,24, farmer; Susan (Bryan) Huff, 22; John, 2. and (2) adjoining is the family of Andrew - although he now uses his middle name "Woods" - 27; Fanny (Fisher), 28 and Hays, 4 mo.

Theodore later married Emma Smithers and Jacob married (1) Clara Bryan and had Riva Huff and married (2) Charlotte Crawford, and had Myron Huff.

Acording to Mrs Peggy Folmer, of Williamsport; whose husband was a descendant of George Huff, Elizabeth was indeed John’s mother. She was born in 1784 and her maiden name was Walker. To date, John is the only child of eight that is identified.

This family lived in the vicinity of Chatham Run, in Dunstable township; which is very near to Edmund’s last known home. John and Eve are buried in the Old Crider Cemetary, Woolrich, Dunstable Twsp. The full genealogy of this family is of high interest.

Note 1: Jacob K. Huff, son of John and Eve, became a famous local writer. Using the names "Faraway Moses

and Jake Haiden", he wrote columns for the weekly newspaper "Grit" and for the Reading Times. The columns were widely acclaimed as the work of a true artist and his writing were syndicated in several Newspapers.. Jacob md 1st, Clara Bryant in 1881. They had a daughter, names Rena, born Apr 7, 1883. The mother died on July 20th and the daughter followed her on Oct 7th of that same year. He md 2nd, Charlotte Crawford, daughter of Capt. William H. and Pricilla (Brown) Crawford of Chatham Run. One son, Myron Reed Huff, was born June 22, 1895. Myron also became an author, using the name Jake Haiden, Jr.He died at McElhatten on August 1, 1910. A book, The Philosophy of Jake Haiden was published by the Reading Times Publishing Company, in 1911.

Note 2: George W. Huff, son of John and Eve, (Aug 17, 1844 – Apr 20, 1879) md Susan Hannah Bryan (1847-1910). They had: George Washington Huff (Sep 7, 1879 Clinton Co – May 27, 1974 Broome, NY). He md Harrriet A. Fisher (Jan 15, 1884 Keating, PA – Nov 25, 1966 MD) dau of Henry F. and Joanna Alice (Confer) Fisher of Clinton, Co. PA. They had Lionel Max Huff (Jul 28, 1906 Wyside, PA -- ) His son, William Max Huff md Allys (?) and live in Louisville, KY (1997).

(5) John and Catherine Huff (Hoff) of Washington Twp., Lyc. Co.

John Huff first appears in the 1820 Census, in Washington Twp., Lycoming Co.: 1M<10, 1M10-15, 1M26-45, 1F<10 and 1F16-25. In the same twp and on the same page are Charles Huff, 26-45 and Joseph Huff, >45. This Joseph also appears in 1810, 1800 and 1790. It is not possible to determine if these are all one person or two. However, it appears that John and Charles of 1820 are sons of Joseph. He may also be the father of Phoebe Huff, who md David Bly. He appears to be the progenitor of the Huff families of White Deer township.

1830 Census: There is no John Huff in Washington Twp of Lyc Co in that year. There is, however, a John Huff in White Deer Twp of Union Co. of the proper age bracket, i.e.; John Huff 2M<5, 1M5-9, 1M10-14, 1M30-39, 2F<5, and 1F30-39. Since Wash. and White Deer adjoin, this possibly is the same family.

1840 Census: Washington Twp, Lyc Co. - 2M5-9, 1M10-14, 1M40-49, 1F5-9, 1F10-14, 1F40-49. On the previous page is Thomas Huff, 30-39, who appears for the first time; and on the same page as John, is David Huff 20-29, also appearing for the first time. There is a David Hoff in Patton Twp, Centre Co. in 1830, but the age there is also 20-29. This is not likely to be the same person.

1850 Census: John Hoff, Washington Twp, Lyc. Co. John, 60; Catherine, 55; Joseph, 22; John, Jr., 21; Ann, 18; Charles, 15; William, 12; James, 6; and Mary Jane,8.

1860 Census: (Possibly) John Huff, Brady Twp, Lyc. Co. - John, 60; Mary, 61; and Charles, 24.



(6) John and Mary Hoff (Huff) of Milton Twp, North. Co.

John and Mary Hoff first are named in the 1850 Census, in Milton. John is listed as a Packet Captain

It is likely that John is a son of Lawrence Huff who appears in Milton Boro in 1820 - 3M<10, 1M26-45 1F26-45. He appears again in 1830 as Lawrence Huff, Milton Boro. 1M5-9 , 2M10-14, 1M15-19, 1M40-49, 2F<5, 1F15-19 1f40-49. He doesn’t appear thereafter, although Martha, a widow, is in Milton in 1840. John M. Huff died March 1874, and left his estate to his wife, Mary E. Huff. Mary E. died May 1878 and left her estate to Henry E. Hoff, et al.

1850 Census: John M. Hoff, 38,Packet Catpain; Mary Hoff, 36; Mary , 13; Susan, 12; Lawrence, 10; Emma, 8; Martha, 6; James D., 4; Laura, 1. Milton Twp., Northumberland, Co.

1860 Census:John M., 48, Innkeeper; Mary S., 45; Lawrence, 20; Martha, 15; Laura, 11; Harry, 5; Willie, 3; plus residents. Also a Charles, 24, Clerk; is in the same Twp. Milton Twp, Northumberland Co.

1870 Census: The following persons were living in the hh of John J. Fausnaught: Lawrence Huff, 40; Catherine A., 35; Albert D., 14; Mary C., 9; Lawrence, 6; John, 4; & Edgar, 6 mo. also: Laura M. Huff, 31; Henry A., 27; Lizzie E., 26 & John M., 1. Also in Milton Twp are the following Huff children living with Hugh C. Fulton: Charles R. Huff, 9; Ernest Huff, 3; Harry Huff, 5; & Margaret Huff, 7. It appears that two children of John & Mary are with Fausnaught, along with their families. Lawrence, 40, fits perfectly; and he has wife Catherine and five children. Laura, also fits the Laura of 1850/60. The other persons, Henry A. , Lizzie E. & John M. are unknown. The children living with Hugh C. Fulton are also a mystery, but are likely orphaned children living with an older sister or Aunt, or possibly the result of a second marriage.




(1) Joseph of Northumberland Co., Washington Twp.

1790 - Northumberland Co., p. 19. 1-3-6

1810 - 1M >45, 2M 10-15, 1M <10, 1F >45, 2F 16-25, 1F<10

1820 - Lycoming Co., Washington Two. - 1M >45, 2M 16-25, 1F 26-45


(2) Joseph and Hannah of Union Co., White Deer Twp.

1840 - Union Co., White Deer Twp. - 1M 20-29, 1M 16-19, 1M 5-9, 1M <5, 1F 30-39,2F 10-15, 2F 5-9

1850 - Union Co., White Deer Twp. - Joseph 50 farmer, Hannah 50, Thomas 25, Angeline 20, Emaline 18, Catherine 14, George 14, Joseph 12, Phebe 10, Elijah 8, William 52, Catherine 75.


(3) Joseph and Mary of Clinton Co., Crawford Twp.

1850 - Clinton Co., Crawford Twp. - Joseph 39, Mary 37, Sarah E. 9, Thomas Perry 70, Rebecca Perry 68.

1860 - Clinton Co., Crawford Twp. - Joseph 48 Millwright, Mary 47, Sarah E. 19

1870 - Clinton Co., Crawford Twp. Joseph 58 Millwright, Mary 58.


(4) Joseph of Union County, White Deer Twp.

1840 - Union Co., WhiteDeer Twp. - 1M 30-39, 1M <5, 1F 30-39, 3F <5, 3F 5-9


(5) Joseph and Emma of Northumberland Co., Watsontown Por.

1880 - Northumberland Co., Watsontown Borough - Joseph 46, Emma R. 36, Martin H. 13, Rafewell 1, Lizzie M. 9, Sarah C. 7, Emma G. 3.


(6) Joseph and Rebecca of Union Co., White Deer Twp.

1860 - Union Co., White Deer Twp. - Joseph 33 farmer, Rebecca 30, Woodward A. 3, Barthalemew 3 mo.

1870 - Union Co., White Deer Twp. - Joseph 46, Rebecca 41, Sally? W. 13, Oscar 5, Herbert 2.

1880 - Union Co., White Deer Twp. - Joseph B. 56, Rebecca 50, Oscar 5, Mahlon 12, Daniel 5.


(7) Joseph and Anna of Union Co., White Deer Twp.

1870 - Union Co., White Deer Twp. - Joseph 37, Anna 26, Newlin 3, Roswell 1.


(8) Joseph and Ann of Union Co., White Deer Twp. -

1870 - Union Co., White Deer Twp. Joseph 37, Anna 26, Thomas 3, Albert 2

1880 - Union Co., White Deer Twp. - Joseph W. 41, Barbara Ann 35, Thomas 15, Albert 13, Eliot 6, Cyrus 9 .




  1. Edmund of Northumberland Co.

1780 - NMBL:TB - 1780 Tax List

1790 - Northumberland Co., Edmund Huffe - p.72 1-5-6

1800 - Lycoming Co., Loyalsock Twp. - Edmond Hoff - 1M >45, 2M 16-25, 2M < I 0, 1F >45, 3F >16-25

1810 - Lycoming Co., Dunstable Twp. - 1M >45, 3M 16-25, 1M <10, 1F >45, 1F 26-45, 2F <10

181 0 - Lycoming Co., Old Lycoming Twp. - Edmunde Hoff - 1M >45, 3M 16 - 25, 1F >45, 2F 16-25. This sounds like a duplicate of the previous listing, possibly one was made by a neighbor - perhaps this family had two farms. 1820 - No Edmund Huff



(2) Edmund and Mary Huff of Potter Co. Portage Twp.

1830 - Potter Co. - 1M 30-39, 2M 5-9, 1M <5, 1F 30-37, 1F <5

1840 - Potter Co., Wharton Twp. - 1M 40-49, 1M 16-25, 1M 10- 14, 1M 5-9, 2M <5, 1F 30-39, 1F 10-14, 1F 5-9

1850 - Potter Co., Portage Two. - Edmund 57, Mary 48, John 26, Nancy 22, Polly 18, Thompson 16, Strawbridge 14, Samuel 8

1860 - Potter Co. Portage Twp. - Edmund 65, Polly/Mary 55, John 35, Mary A. Dominette 16 (boarder).


(3) Edmund Thompson and Louisa Huff of Emporium Bor. & Portage Twp.

1860 - Potter Co., Portage Twp. - Edmund Thompson 26, Louisa 23, Phillip A. 1

1870 – Cameron Co., Emporium Boro. – Thompson 37, Louisa 32, Phillip 11, Edmund 9, William 7, Mary 5, Bertha 3, Katie 1.

1880 - Cameron Co., Emporium Borough - Edmund Thompson 47, Louisa 42, Phillip A. 21, Mary 14, Bertha L. 12, Katie M. 1, Elizabeth 4, Dora J. 6, Caroline 2, Charles H. 1.


(4) Edmund (Adam ?) and Phoebe Huff of Clinton Co., Chapman Twp.

1840 - Clinton Co., Chapman Twp. –Adam Huff - 1M 30-39, 1M 5-9,2F 20-29

1850 - Clinton Co., Chapman Twp. - Edmun 48 Laborer, Phoebe 33, Hetty 14.

1860 – Clinton Co., Grugan Twp. –Adam 55, Phoebe 42, Hetty Johnson 26, & Albert Johnson 8.

1870 - Clinton Co., Grogan Twp. - Phoebe Huff 52 at Whetham P.O.

(This individual was listed as Adam in 1840 and 1860. The 1850 listing is likely a reading error).




(1) James and Susanna Huff of Dunstable Twp., Lycoming Co. and Bald Eagle Twp, Clinton Co.

1820 - James Hoff - Lycoming co. - Dunstable Twp. - 1M 26-45, 1M < I 0, 1F 26-45, 1F 16-25, 1F <10

1830 - James Huff - Lycoming Co. Dunstable Twp. - 1M 40-49, 1M 10-14, 1F 30-39, 1F 10-14

1840 - Clinton Co., Bald Eagle Twp. - 1M 50-59, 1M 20-29, 1M <5, 1F 40-49, 2F 16-19

1850 - Clinton Co., Bald Eagle Twp. - James 66 Farmer, Susanna 54, William 33 Farmer, James Hepburn 13, Susan Paulina Huff 9


(2) James and Elizabeth of Lawrence Twp.

1850 - James 28 Blacksmith, Elizabeth 18, Louisa 1 and Elmer Danley 20 Teacher


(3) James and Hester/Mariah of White Deer Twp.

1850 - Union Co., White Deer Twp. - James 30, Mariab, 30, Cecelia 1

1860 - Lycoming Co., Brady Twp. - James 43, Mariah 43, John 14, Cecelia I. 1, Henry A. 4, Margaretta 1

1870 - Union Co., White Deer Twp. - James 5-, Hester 42, Henry A. 12, Margaret 9, Catherine 7


(4) James and Mary J. of Northumberland Co.

1860 - Northumberland Co. Turbot Twp. - James 24, Carpenter; Mary J. 22; Lizzy 8 mo.

1870 - Northumberland Co., turbot Twp. - James 38 Boat builder; Mary J. 33; Elizabeth 8; James R. 5; Thomas F. 1; Catherine, 69 (they are adjoining Wm. and Mary J. Huff)

1880 - Northumberland Co., Turbot Twp. - James 47; Mary J. 45; Lizzie 20; William D. 18; James 15; Thomas F. 12; Joseph C. 8; Emil 5


(5) James of Union Co.

1820 - Union Co., Washington Twp. - 1M 16-25, 1M 16-18, 2M 10-15, 1F >45, 1F 16-25, 1F<10


(6) James Huff of Northumberland Co.

1810 -Northumberland Co. SharnokinTwp. - 1M 26-45 carpenter, 1M 10-15, 2M <10, 1F 26-45, 1F 10-15


(7) James and Sarah Danily of Lycoming and Clinton Co.

1850 - Lycoming Co, Anthony Twp.. All members listed as being born in PA. Charles (39) laborer, Sarah (33), James (14), Catherine (11), Charles (9), J.H.T. (7), Thomas E. (4), Martha L. (1), and Susan (70).

1860 - Lycoming Co., Mifflin Twp., James F., 24, and wife Sarah (Danily), 17; in the home of David Manard & family. James is listed as a laborer and there are no children.

1870 - Clinton Co., Pine Creek Twp. - James 34, Sarah 25, U.S. 7, Charles 5

1880 - Lycoming Co., Jackson Two. - James 44, Sarah 36, Ulysses 16, Charles 13, Eva 10, Nonny (sister) 8

1883 - Williamsport's Daily Gazette & Bulletin 11/17/1883: article on an explosion of a boiler at the Maxwell Saw Mill (Jackson Twp.) where James was killed instantly and his son, Grant, was injured. Gave date of accident as 11/16/1883.

Frieden's Cemetery in Jackson Twp., Lycoming County, from Cemetery Listing at the James Brown Library, Williamsport, PA. The marker: James Huff d.11/16/1883 48y 8m 16d..





(1) Abraham and Elizabeth Walker of Dunstable Twp.

1810 - Lycoming Co., Dunstable Twp. - 1M 26-45, 1M 16-25, 2M <10, 1F 16-25, 1F <10

1820 - Lycoming Co., Bald Eagle Twp. - 1M >45, 1M 26-45 2M 10-15, 4M <10, 1F 2645, 1F 1-15, 2F <10

1830 - Lycoming Co., Dunstable Twp. - 1M 20-29, 1M 15-19, 1M 10-14, 1M<5, 1F 4049, 1F 20-29, 2F 5-9. This entry lists Elizabeth Huff as head of household, Abraham is not listed.

1840 - Clinton Co., Dunstable Twp. - 1M 20-29, 1F 50-59, 1F 15-19, 1F 10-14, 1F 5-9. Elizabeth Huff is listed as head of household.

1850 - Clinton Co., Dunstable Twp. - Elizabeth 66 Widow, Mahaly Smith 20. Adjacent to them are John and Eve Huff.

1860 - Clinton Co., Dunstable Twp. - Elizabeth 73, Living alone. Adjacent to her is John and Eve Huff.

With nine children listed in 1820 (six of them males), it is possible that most of the Huffs showing up as heads of households by 1830, 1840, and 1850 are the offspring of this couple. Some of the possibilities in Clinton Co. are William, James, Jacob. In Lycoming Co. the possibilities are Charles, William, James, and Jacob.



(1) Charles Wessley & Sarah Anne (COWDRICK) Huff of Lycoming & Clinton Co.

1850 - Lycoming Co, Anthony Twp.. All members listed as being born in PA. Charles (39) laborer; Sarah (33); James (14); Catherine (11); Charles (9); J.H.T. (7); Thomas E. (4); Martha L. (1); and Susan (70).

1860 - Lycoming Co., Mifflin Twp. (Salladasburg P.O.), listing #1841, Charles (50); Sarah A. (43); Thomas A.(14); Martha L. (11); Susan E.(9); Isaac L.(7); Elizabeth A.(5); and George W.T.(1). There was also a Jane Chamberlin (26) residing with family. Charles' occupation was Sawyer and his net worth was $400 real estate, and $700 personal property. All were listed as being born in PA.

1870 - Clinton Co., Lock Haven, 2nd Ward., #209. Charles (60); Sarah (52); Isaac (17); Elizabeth (15); George (11); Thomas (24); Also in the household was James Rogers (23); Susanna (19); and Josephine (1); Edward Major (30); Martha (21); Charles (2mos). Charles W. was listed as born in NJ; all others in PA. Charles occupation listed as Sawyer. Personal property valued at $300; no real estate.

1880 - Clinton Co., Lock Haven. Sarah A. Huff is a widow. George W., son, aged 20 is with her and working in the saw mills.

1886 Sarah went with son George and his new wife, Eva Ruhama (Bridgens) to Reynoldsville, Jefferson County, PA., probably after their marriage (license, Eagleville 8/18/1886). Specific date of move is unknown.


Clinton Co. Tax Assessments for the Borough of Lock Haven.

  1. West Ward. HUFF or HOFF, CW; laborer, $75,
  2. Middle Ward: HUFF, Charles Wessley; $100,
  3. 2nd Ward: HUFF, Charles W., Laborer, $100,
  4. 2nd Ward: HUFF, Charles Wessley; $78, labor; HUFF, Charles (boarding home), (Thomas E.)
  5. 2nd Ward. HUFF, Charles W.; $100, labor.
  6. 2nd Ward. HUFF, Charles; $ 50, labor; HUFF, CW, (Jessaman St.), $100, filer.
  7. 2nd Ward; HUFF, Charles; $20,
  8. 1st Ward; HUFF, Charles; $15, laborer (it is not known if this Charles Sr. or Jr).



(1). 7/9/1853. CHARLES HUFF of Mifflin Township purchased a parcel of land from James M. Thompson, Mifflin Township, Lycoming County, PA. Land situated in Salladasburg, Town of Mifflin, Lycoming County, PA. DEED: Dated 7/9/1853. COST: $300 LOT NUMBER(S): #1(?)

(2) 11/23/1861. Charles & Sarah A. Huff of Mifflin Township sold a parcel of land to Amasey Conn of Cogan House Township, Lycoming County, PA. Land situated in Salladasburg, Town of Mifflin, Lycoming County, PA. DEED: Dated 11/23/1861. COST: $600

(3)11/23/1861. Charles Huff of Salladasburg, Town of Mifflin, purchased a parcel of land from Amasey Conn & Malinda his wife, of Cogan House Township. Land situated in Cogan House Twp. thirty five acres. COST: $1,500

(4) 11/25/1861. Charles & Sarah A. Huff of Cogan House Township sold a parcel of land to Andrew B. Hoovan. Land situated in Cogan House Twp., Lycoming County, PA. DEED: Dated 11/25/1861. COST: $75

(5) 12/5/1864. Charles & Sarah A. Huff of Cogan House Township sold a parcel of land to James Wood. Land situated in Cogan House Twp., Lycoming County, PA. DEED: Dated 12/5/1864. COST: $1,300

(6) 3/25/1865. Charles & Sarah A. Huff of Mifflin Township purchased a parcel of land from B.C. Harvey & Anna Margaret, his wife. Land situated in Salladasburg, Town of Mifflin, Lycoming County, PA. DEED: Dated 03/25/1865. COST: $1,300

(7) 3/11/1868. Charles Huff of Mifflin Township had his land and possessions seized by Robert McCormick high Sheriff of Lycoming County. There was a failure to pay a debt of $233.33 which B.C. Harvey had recovered in the said Court of Common Pleas against Charles Huff. The land parcel was sold to George Hain for $330, the highest bidder at public auction.

1/17/1868. Charles is executor of the estate of Isaac Cowdrick of Salladasburg, Mifflin Township, sold two parcels of land and the Cowdrick Tavern Stand owned by Isaac Cowdrick situated in the village of Salladasburg, Mifflin Township, Lycoming County, PA. DEED: Dated 1/16/1868. Vol.57 pg341. Sold to Aseneth Wagoner. COST: $1,030. LOT #44. All of his living heirs (including Charles & Sarah) are cited in the document.


FAMILY BIBLE Page from an old Huff family Bible listing the birth dates of all of the children of Charles & Sarah (Cowdrick) Huff. Also lists the death dates of Charles & Sarah. Charles Wessley Huff b.11/10/1810

d.3/11/1877. Sarah Anne (Cowdrick) Huff b.5/26/1817 d.4/19/1891. James F. b.2/28/1836 -d.11/16/1883, Catherine Jane b.7/15/1839 d.?, Charles Wiley. b.7/25/1841 -d.8/26/1907, John Torence b.8/26/1843 -d.?, Thomas Edward b.7/19/1846 - d.12/20/1917, Martha Lucinda (MAJOR) b.4/19/1849 - d.10/27/1909, Susanna Ellen, b.12/16/1850 - . 1887(?), Isaac Lorenzo, b.4/1/1852 - d.6/25/1937, Elizabeth Alice (CUMMINGS), b.7/23/1855 - d.9/13/1938, George Washington Taylor, b.6/26/1859 - d.1/7/1944..



(2) Charles Wiley & Elizabeth (Thomas) Huff (Jr), of Clinton & Lycoming Co.

1850 - Lycoming Co, Anthony Twp.. All members listed as being born in PA. Charles (39) laborer, Sarah (33), James (14), Catherine (11), Charles (9), J.H.T. (7), Thomas E. (4), Martha L. (1), and Susan (70).

1860 - Lycoming Co., Salladasburg, Mifflin Twp. Nine homes from the Charles & Sarah Huff home in Mifflin Twp. there was the John D. & Susanna Thomas family with a daughter named Elizabeth (16). Charles W. (Jr.) is not found. There is also a Charles W. aged 11mos. at the residence of John D. Thomas, may be the child of Charles & Elizabeth. Elizabeth's death certificate shows that John D. and Susanna Thomas were Elizabeth's parents.

1870 - Clinton Co. Lock Haven Twp, 2nd Ward. Charles (29), Elizabeth (26) and children: Irvin (8y), Hartford (7y), Marietta (3y), Wesley (1y). Marietta is probably a son, Menoto. Occupation listed as laborer and estate values at $100.

1880 Lycoming Co., Williamsport Borough, Charles (38) engineer, Elizabeth (36), Irvin (18) bookkeeper, Harford P.(17) clerk in store, Menoto (12) works in mill, Walter (11), Bertha May (4), all born in PA.

1900 Lycoming Co. Williamsport City, Charles (57) (band saw filer), Elizabeth (56), Walter W. (31)(clerk), and Irvin T. (28)(bookkeeper).Charles & Elizabeth had 5 children all of which were living at the time of the census.

1910 - Lycoming Co. Williamsport, Elizabeth (66), Walter (40), wife Sarah (28),son Charles (4).


Land Transaction:

Irvin T. & Elizabeth (his wife) and Elizabeth (wife of CW) Huff. Sold Elizabeth a parcel in Williamsport, PA dated 6/16/1884. Deed does not state that Charles is present for the transaction.


Clinton County, PA Tax Assessments; Charles W. listed in the assessments may be the same Charles W. The 1870 census would indicate both Charles W. and his father's presence. It appears one of them shows up in L.H. in 1872. Harfords birth place would support the premise that they were in Salladasburg until after 1865.

Charles W. may have moved to Williamsport after the death of his father. He is listed in the Williamsport City Directory from 1879 until his last appearance in 1907. His wife Elizabeth is listed in the 1908 directory as being a widow of Charles. In 1879 directory he is listed as an engineer. Afterwards he is listed as a saw filer up to 1907.


Page from an old Huff family Bible listing the birth dates of all of the children of Charles & Sarah (Cowdrick) Huff. Charles W. Jr. is listed as "Charles Willey" Huff. The birth year is consistent with the census data. b.7/25/1841 -d.8/26/1907.


Death certificate filed by Williamsport Board of Health which confirms date of death, medical condition, and place of burial which appears to be in Williamsport, PA. His place of residence is listed as 1138 E. 3rd Ave., Williamsport, PA, which supports information in the City Directories. Buried in Wildwood cemetery on 8/28/1907.


Obituary in the Williamsport "Daily Gazette & Bulletin" dated 8/28/1907. The Charles Huff obituary indicates that the funeral will be held at 2:30 PM at the East Third St. Methodist Church and the interment will be at the Wildwood Cemetery of Williamsport, PA. Correspondence with Wildwood Cemetery Company of Williamsport, PA. Confirmed the information on burial records and death dates of Charles & Elizabeth his wife, among others.


Obituary from Daily Gazette & Bulletin of Williamsport, PA. Dated 2/13/1916. Elizabeth Huff, funeral held in the home of her brother, Elmer Thomas of Jersey Shore, PA. Church service at the Third St. Methodist Church. Gives birth date as 2/22/1844. Survived by one daughter and four sons; Mrs. Robert J. Allen of Woolrich, Irvin P. Huff of Humbert, H.P. of Williamsport, Monota C. of Ridgeway, and Walter W. of Columbia, SC.


Will of Elizabeth Huff dated July 1, 1915 (#16 577). In the will she leaves her estate to be divided up among her five children; Irvin T., Harford P., Menoto F., Walter W., and Bertha M. Allen. Leaves them with no debts, and the home on E.3rd St.


Death Certificate: Elizabeth Huff, died at the age of 71 y. Father was John D. Thomas. Mother Susanna Baumgardner. These parents would confirm Elizabeth's whereabouts in 1860 (i.e. the 1860 federal census #1851). Buried in Wildwood Cemetery of Williamsport.