Huff/Hough Newsletter 


Volume 1, Number 5 - August 1, 1993


This issue might well be titled the "Granville Hough Special Edition". He recently sent a package of material, some published by him earlier and some are unpublished. I hope to eventually share all of them with you, but the following article is too good to wait. It was of particular interest, as I have spent some time reading the "Horn Papers" and had no idea of their background. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.


The Horn Papers

(From the West VA Encyclopedia)


One of the most extraordinary hoaxes in the history of historical research, The Horn Papers, published in 1945, were purported to be source material for the early history of the Monongahela and upper Ohio Valleys. According to W. F. Horn, the Topeka, Kansas carpenter who apparently perpetrated the hoax for reasons of his own, the papers were based upon "various diaries and Virginia court records, maps, and other records handed down to the present day through the Horn family, descendants of Jacob Horn, who was one of the judges of the first Virginia courts in this region which in early days was part of Virginia." Jacob Horn was said to have been an associate of Christopher Gist, one of the early frontiersmen of western Virginia .

Horn's work first appeared in the Waynesburg, Pennsylvania Democrat Messenger, with the explanation that the original diaries no longer existed, but that he had made careful copies of the moth-eaten" and partly illegible documents. The newspaper articles spoke of historical events about which historians knew nothing; the Battle of Flint Top in which 12,000 lndians were killed, cities in Greene and Washington Counties Pennsylvania, which were more important than Pittsburgh, maps and descriptions of the "lost" cities of Razortown and Augusta Town, etc.

The work appeared so remarkable that a committee of the Greene County (Pennsylvania) Historical Society in Waynesburg arranged to publish the complete work in a three-volume set of books, one volume of which consisted of nothing but maps. The publication brought forth acclaim from historians. West Virginia historical expert Delf Norona who was later instrumental in exposing the work as a fraud, at first wrote to the author, "The Horn Papers have exceeded my expectations. It is a publication to which, as long as I am interested in pioneer history, I shall be referring to again and again. It is marvelous to see so much data collected and presented in the various studies, to say nothing about maps and illustrations. I am sure that from this time on practically every historical writer dealing with the Colonial and Revolutionary period of this area will find it necessary to draw on the material you have now made available."

A copy was received by Julian P. Boyd, librarian at Princeton University. He promptly labeled The Horn Papers "fabrications" and demanded that a committee of historians be convened to examine them for authenticity. The committee was appointed, under the auspices of the Institute of Early American History and Culture at Williamsburg, Virginia, and after a thorough investigation, its findings were published in the William and Mary Quarterly. The investigators reported that "nothing genuine could be found, in the entire publication". Among its findings, the committee said that Horn's transcript of the diaries was remarkably complete, having been copied from documents said to be partly illegible; that certain phrases were used which were unknown in the 18th century; that the Julian calendar was in use during that historical period, but the dates in Horn's work were from the Gregorian calendar of more modern times; that the court documents and maps carried 19th century watermarks and had been artificially "aged," probably with ammonia; and that the lead marker plates, supposedly placed by French explorers and dug up by Horn, were made of a type of lead which could not have been used in the 18th century. Horn never made any money from the fraud. In fact, after the papers were published and he became recognized as an authority on local history and genealogy, he refused to accept fees for the lectures he gave to historical societies and other groups.

Horn, who never commented on the verdict remained in silence in Kansas. To this day it is not known what his motives were in fabricating such an enormous mass of material which contained just enough historical truth to fool some of the most distinguished experts on Western American history for a time. Horn's fabrication has been compared to Chatterton's invention of poems by a non-existent monk of the 15th century and to Ireland's forgery of a play said to be by Shakespeare. Papers and magazines, especially Time, referred to the hoax as "The Great Hornswoggle."


The following is a fictitious Lineage based on The Horn Papers:


(In 1945, W. F. Horn published Vol I of three Of "The Horn Papers - Early Westward Movement on the Monongahela and Upper Ohio, 1765-1795". This work had been commissioned by a committee of the Green County Historical Society, Waynesburg, PA. The work is interesting to read as it contains many anecdotes of the life and times of early pioneers of the area. When genealogists have tried to verify the biographical sketches and movements of the early settlers; they find supporting evidence in other works for some, but absolutely nothing for others. The conclusion among genealogists has been that Horn simply invented whatever it took to make an interesting story. The term "hornswoggle" has since been used to describe any genealogical work which purports to be factual but is not supported by any public or private records. With this background, it is noted that, thus far, there has been no record found for the existence of either Abiga HOUGH nor his son Martin HOUGH. If their name were actually HOUCK, HAUGH, HOUK, etc, they have not been investigated.)

Abiga HOUGH (1721 Philadelphia, PA Dec 1798 PA, bur in Horn Cem, Buffalo twp, Washington Co, PA) in 1756 in VA md Catherine BLACK ( ) and they settled in 1756 on Snow Creek in present day Franklin Co, VA. Their ch incl:

1. Elizabeth (1748 -17 Dec 1823, Knox Co, bur Mt Vernon, Knox Co, OH) c 1771 md Hardtman HORN (17 June 1747 - Oct. 1811, bur Horn Cem, Buffalo twp, Washington Co, PA), son of Jacob and Duschea (VAN NATTA) HORN, and lived in Franklin Co, VA, and Washington Co, PA. Ch incl Martin; Christian; Isaac; Catherine; Jacob; Elizabeth; Joseph; Mary Ann; and Benjamin.

2. Martin (6 Sep 1749 James River Flats, VA - 1808 Eastern VA) is said to have become interested in working with iron and made a Virginia rifle at the age of 16. In March 1772, he is said to have accompanied his father to Camp Cat Fish in Washington Co, PA. In 1778-80, he made rifles at Augusta Town, PA, from iron smelted at McCullough. He was a chainman in the survey of Greene Co, PA, when it was separated from Washington Co in 1796. He is said to have returned to Eastern VA and to have died there about 1808. No family nor ch have been proposed. (The only Martin HOUGH who has been found in records of that era died 1816 in Newberry Co, SC, leaving wife Margaret, but no ch. He seems to be an entirely different person.)

3. dau ( ) no info.

4. dau ( ) no info.


Abiga HOUGH is said to have gone to Baltimore in 1763, where he was engaged as an axman for the survey of the Mason and Dixon line from 1763 until 1767. In March, he and his son Martin went to Camp Cat Fish in Washington Co, PA. He helped John HORN build the Wallace Mill in 1791-92. He died in the home of his dau, Elizabeth (HOUGH) HORN and is said to be buried in an unmarked grave in the Horn Cem. of Buffalo Twp.

Hough lineage is Abiga and Catherine (Black) of PA and VA;

References for HoA&CB1, 17 May 1992: Vol I:530, W. F. Horn, The Horn Papers - Early Westward Movement on the Monongahela and Upper Ohio, 1765 - 1795.

(Additional Note by G. W. H.)

So far, I have spent considerable time for several people who believe the Horn Papers are authentic. There is some accurate information in them which has been verified, but every statement must be separately verified. I have never found an Abiga Hough nor a Martin Hough in VA or Southwest PA records. It is my conclusion that they are both fictitious. .....Granville W. Hough


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George M. Huff; 3855 Arbutus Dr.; Pensacola, FL 325044 (since changed); 904-476-0114 Research Line: Leonard (1781) & Nancy (1783) Huff, of VA, TN & KY. Extensive data on their descendants. Will Exchange.

Barbara Renick; 311 Copa De Oro; Brea, CA 92621-7018; 714-524-0364; GEnie mail: B.RENICK; Research Line: Benjamin (1718) & Ruth (1723) Huff of Bent Mtn, Botetort Co, VA.

Joyce Tinsley; 13414 Ash Way; Everett, WA 98204; 206-745-1605; Research Line: John J. Huff, b. abt 1836 - d. in Hancock Co., KY.

Marjorie Gray Holden; 312 Anna Ave.; Mountain View, CA 94043; 415-967-2047; Research Line: Sylvanus Hough (1808) of VT, NY and CA. QUERY: Seek the birthplace of Sylvanus Hough, b.c. Feb 1808, VT; res. c. 1830-1860 Erie & Cattaraugus Co's., NY: aft 1867 in CA. Died 25 Oct 1876, Contra Costa Co., CA. Also seek maiden name & parents of his wife Aurilla, b. Jan 1815, Otsego Co., NY; d. 7 Jul 1889, Contra Costa Co., CA.

Eleanor Huff Nielson; 2753 108th Ave.; Allegan, MI 49010; 615-673-2728; Research Line: Anthony and Susanna Huff of Hunterdon Co., NJ & Northumberland Co., PA.

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Ruth M. Truex; Box 24; Brownsville, OH 43721; 614-787-2727


Hough and Huff Families of the U.S., 1620-1820: the East.

by Granville Hough.

This book was originally printed in the 1970's as two volumes They have now been combined into a single volume of 318 pages in this reprinting. All the eastern seaboard states are covered, plus the Canadian Loyalists and the West Indies. It is available from Heritage Books, Inc. 1540-E Pointer Ridge Pl., Bowie, MD, 20716. Price is $25.00 plus $3.00 shipping. I have an original copy of Volume 1, and it is a very valuable resource. I heartily recommend it.


The following Modified Register Report was contributed by Mr. Harman Clark, Jr., of Dunellen, N.J. Many lines are descended from Paulus Dirckse Hof and Geertie Willemse and Mr Clark and his family have given us a well documented history of this family group.

1. Paulus Dirckse HOF' born Holland, married (1) Geertie WILLEMSE, born Holland, married (2) Jannitje Jans. Paulus died 24 May 1692, Brooklyn,N.Y.. See Huff Family compilation by Doris L. Horvath, in Special Collections of Rutgers University Library, New Brunswick, N.J.

Children by Geertie WILLEMSE:

+ 2. i Derrick Pauluszen HOF' born circa 1649.

3. ii Elizabeth Hof' married Volkert Hendricksz (or Bries).

Children by Jannitje Jans:

4. iii Geertruyd Hof' Bp. 2 Sep 1654.

Second Generation

2. Derrick Pauluszen HOF' born circa 1649, Holland, married (1) Aeghie Teunis COVERT, born circa 1650, Heemstede, Holland, (daughter of Teunis COVERT and Barbara LUCAS) died before 1700, Jamaica, NY, married (2) Sarah Willemse Yeats, born circa 1660, Flushing, L.I., NY, (daughter of William Yeats and Mary *Yeats) died Lawrenceville, Mercer County, N.J.. Derrick died 22 Dec 1730, Lawrenceville, Mercer County, N.J.. Aeghie: Sources: Regis.Early Settlers of Kings County, T.G.Bergen p. 67..

Children by Aeghie Teunis COVERT:

5. i Powell Hoff born Brooklyn, N.Y., married Rachel Stiles.

+ 6. ii Pieter HOF' born circa 1678.

7. iii Teunis Hoff born circa 1679, Brooklyn, N.Y..

8. iv Johannes Hoff Bp. 23 May 1680, Brooklyn, N.Y.. Twin to Wilhelmus Hoff.

9. v Wilhelmus Hoff Bp. 23 May 1680, Brooklyn, N.Y..

Children by Sarah Willemse Yeats:

+ 10. vi Willem (William) Hoff born circa 1672.

11. vii Dirck Hoff Bp. 29 Aug 1685, Jamaica, NY.

12. viii Sara Hoff Bp. 27 Aug 1688, Jamaica, NY. Married Jeremiah Andersen.

13. ix Thomas Hoff Bp. 6 Apr 1690, Jamaica, NY.

14. x Jan Hoff Bp. 13 Apr 1692(?), Jamaica, NY.

15. xi Charles Hoff Bp. circa 1697, Jamaica, NY.

16. xii Joseph Hoff Bp. circa 1700, Flushing, L.I., NY.

17. xiii Benjamin Hoff Bp. circa 1702, Lawrenceville, Mercer County, N.J..

18. xiv Mary Hoff Bp. circa 1704, Lawrenceville, Mercer County, N.J..

Third Generation

6. Pieter HOF' born circa 1678, Brooklyn, N.Y., married Catherine (Cataljntje) BROUCAU, Bp. 14 May 1686, (daughter of Burgeon BROUCARD and Catherine LA FEBRE) Pieter died circa 1756.


19. i Peter Huff Bp. 28 Aug 1705.

+ 20. ii Brogun HUFF.

21. iii Dirck Huff Bp.26 Oct 1709,Neshanic,Somerset,NJ. Sources:SCHQ2:46 1913).

22. iv Catherine (Katalyn) Huff Bp. 30 Apr 1712. Married Henry Stevens.

23. v Egjen Huff Bp. 18 May 1715.

24. vi Maria (Marie) Huff Bp. 31 Jul 1717.

25. vii Isaac Huff Bp. 28 FEB 1719/20.

26. viii Gertje Huff Bp. 1721. m. Abraham Tichworth.

27. ix Jeane Huff Bp. ABT 1723. m. Bergon Brokaw.

+ 28. x Jan/John Huff.

29. xi Elizabeth Huff Bp. 25 JAN 1727/28.

10. Willem (William) Hoff born circa 1672, Monmouth Co., NJ, Bp. 20 Apr 1685, Jamaica, NY, married Elizabeth *Hoff, died 1 Jul 1758, New Jersey. Willem died 30 Oct 1742, Monmouth Co., NJ.


+ 30. i Leonard Huff born circa 1725.

Fourth Generation

20. Brogun HUFF Bp. 3 Aug 1707, Neshanic Reformed Church, Neshanic, NJ, married (1) Before 1739, Frances (Frantceyntye) DuBOYS, born Somerset County, N.J., Bp. 22 Oct 1718, Neshanic, Somerset, NJ, (daughter of Abraham DuBOYS and Maria LA RESILIERE) married (2) AFT 1751, in New Jersey, Neltje (Nelly) *Huff. Brogun died After 1787. Sources: Som.Co.Hist.Q. 2:301,303 for children of Brogun Hof & Frantcsyntze. GMNJ 64:91 (May 1889); SCHQ 2:28,29. Frances: SCHQ 2:145 Neshanic Reformed Church Baptisms: 1718 Oct. 22 DuBouis, Abraham & Maerieytue -- Fransynte Witnesses: Pieter Biljoo; Kathryn Mairgen Sources: Birth Date: SCHQ 2:145 Baptisms Neshanic Reformed Church. See SCGQ 7:97 (March 1990)

Children by Frances (Frantceyntye) DuBOYS:

31. i Catolintye Huff Bp. 13 May 1739, First Ref. Church, Raritan, Somerset,.

32. ii Mareyya (Mary) Huff Bp. 31 JAN 1741/42, First Reformed Church,

Raritan, Somerset,. m. William Spader

33. iii Petrus Huff Bp. 11 Nov 1744.

34. iv Frangyntie Huff Bp. 2 Oct 1747.

+ 35. v Isaac HUFF born 5 Aug 1750.

36. vi Elizabeth Huff Bp. 7 Jun 1751.

Children by Neltje (Nelly) *Huff:

37. vii Nelte Huff Bp. 24 Aug 1759. m. Henry Hall, Jr.

38. viii Tunis Huff Bp. 25 Dec 1760.

39. ix Jean Huff Bp. 18 Mar 1764.


28. Jan/John Huff Bp.14 Aug 1725, married ca.1751, Antje/Ann Van Neste, Bp.19 Mar 1727. m. Ann Van Nest.


+ 40. i Peter Huff born 30 Jun 1762.


30. Leonard Huff born circa 1725, married Elizabeth *Huff. Leonard died Cocke Co., TN.


+ 41. i Joseph Huff born circa 1755.


Fifth Generation

35. Isaac HUFF born 5 Aug 1750, m. Anna HOAGELAND, Bp. JUN 1751, d. 12 Jan 1844. Isaac d. JUN 1833.


+ 42. i Abraham HUFF.


40. Peter Huff born 30 Jun 1762, m. Sarah Van Neste, b. 11 Nov 1764, d. 30 Aug 1847. Peter d. 19 May 1845.


+ 43. i Jacob P. Huff born circa 1800.


41. Joseph Huff born circa 1755, VA, married Elizabeth *Huff, born circa 1750, died circa 1840, Cocke Co., TN. Joseph died 12 Sep 1827, Arcadia, Iron Co., MO.


44. i Elizabeth Huff born ca.1777, Cocke Co., TN, m. circa 1803, John Sutton. Elizabeth died Mar 1862, Liberty Twp.,Iron Co.,MO. Great great great great grandmother of Virginia Brown.


Sixth Generation

42. Abraham HUFF Bp. 11 Mar 1781, Occ. Blacksmith, married 1810, Dorcas COX, Bp. 17 Apr 1791, Raritan, Somerset, NJ, (daughter of David COX and Rachel Rebecca LISK). Sources: Somer.Hist.Quarterly Vol.2 pg. 219. Dorcas: Sources: Birth Date: SCHQ 4:147. Tingley Family Revised, Vol. 1, No. 07-00115, pages 40, 120.


45. i David Cox Huff born 3 Feb 1811, Bp. 17 Mar 1811, Neshanic Ref. Church,

46. ii Sarah Huff born 8 Sep 1813, Bp. 10 Oct 1813, Neshanic Reformed Church,

47. iii Rachel Eliza Huff born 26 May 1816, Bp. 15 Jun 1816, Neshanic Reformed Church, Neshanic, NJ.

+ 48. iv Isaac Brogun HUFF born 15 Jun 1819.

49. v Peter Huff born 13 Oct 1821, Bp. 3 Nov 1821, Neshanic Reformed Church,

50. vi Jacob Huff born 15 Mar 1824, Bp. 22 May 1824, Neshanic Ref. Church, NJ.

51. vii Lucretia Ellen Voorhees Huff born 28 Apr 1826, Bp. 11 Jun 1826, Neshanic Reformed Church, Neshanic, NJ.

52. viii Catharine Rebecca Huff born 26 Aug 1828, Bp. 18 Oct 1828, Neshanic Reformed Church, Neshanic, NJ.


43. Jacob P. Huff born circa 1800, married Sarah/Sallie Miller. Jacob died 1874.


+ 53. i Elijah Miller Huff born 27 Sep 1832.


Seventh Generation

48. Isaac Brogun HUFF born 15 Jun 1819, Staten Island, NY, Bp. 11 Jul 1819, Neshanic Reformed Church, Neshanic, NJ, married 8 Oct 1842, in Readington, Hunterdon County, NJ, Leah VAN CAMP, born 25 Mar 1822, (daughter of Thomas C. VAN CAMP and Phebe VAN FLEET) died 8 Jul 1885, New Jersey, buried Neshanic Reformed Church, Neshanic, NJ. Isaac died 8 Jul 1885, buried Neshanic Reformed Church, Neshanic, NJ. Isaac Brogun Huff and Leah Van Camp were married by Rev. Gabriel Ludlow,D.D. who was Pastor of Neshanic Reformed (Dutch) Church for 54 years, and died at the age of 81 years. Isaac was an Elder in the Church. Isaac and Leah died on the same day and a double funeral was held. There is a double monument marking their graves. See Somerset Co.Hist.Quarterly 2:220; 5:54. See also "Readington Church History" by Rev. Henry Thompson (Pub. 1882). Tingley Fam.Revised, I, pg. 120. Leah: David VanCamp had one child, Catherine, who was born 26 Sep 1860. Upon the death of her father, she was raised by her Aunt, Leah Van

Camp Huff, mother of Sarah Jane Huff Reed. Upon the death of her Aunt, she went to live with her cousin, Sarah Jane Huff Reed, and was married Dec. 1885 to Cornelius Henry. They had no children. (Note by Emma Reed Clark, daughter of Sarah Jane Huff Reed.) [See Catherine Van Camp #5891]


54. i Cornelius Van Camp Huff born 14 Apr 1844, New Jersey, Bp. OCT 1844, Neshanic Reformed Church, Neshanic, NJ, died 9 Dec 1903, New Jersey. Sources: Somer.Hist.Quarterly Vol.2 pg. 220.

+ 55. ii Sarah Jane HUFF born 21 Oct 1845.


53. Elijah Miller Huff born 27 Sep 1832, married 5 Jan 1856, Caroline Saxton, born 7 Aug 1839, died 27 Sep 1909. Elijah died 17 Jan 1909.


+ 56. i Caroline Louisa Huff born 26 Jun 1865.


Eighth Generation

55. Sarah Jane HUFF born 21 Oct 1845, New Jersey, Bp. 5 Apr 1846, Readington, Hunterdon County, NJ, married 14 Nov 1864, in Readington, Hunterdon County, NJ, Harman Hoagland REED, born 2 May 1840, Somerset County, N.J., (son of Joseph REED and Tiny Stryker HOAGLAND) died 19 Feb 1885, Hillsborough (South Branch), Somerset,NJ, buried Reformed Church Cemetery, So. Branch, NJ. Sarah died 6 Mar 1920, Augusta, Richmond County, GA, buried Westover Memorial Park Cem, Augusta, GA. Sources: Somer. Hist. Quarterly Vol.2 pg. 220; family records. In the year 1885, Sarah lost her husband (19 Feb), and both her parents on 8 July. Harman: He died suddenly during an auction of his property; see obituary in files.


57. i Isaac Walter Reed born 14 Aug 1865, New Jersey, died 10 Jun 1882, New Jersey, buried Reformed Church Cemetery, So. Branch, NJ. Drowned in Raritan River at sixteen years.

58. ii Joseph Reed born 26 Jun 1868, died 21 Jun 1876, buried Reformed Church Cemetery, So. Branch, NJ.

+ 59. iii William Christopher Reed born 26 Jul 1873.

60. iv Alvah Moore Reed born 21 Nov 1875, New Jersey, died 15 Nov 1929, New Jersey, buried Reformed Church Cemetery, So. Branch, NJ. Never married; Alvah suffered from epilepsy, which in his time was considered a "mental problem", and he spent most of his adult life at the facility in Skillman, N.J. Some of his writings, and poems, show that he was a sensitive, intelligent person, suffering from a disease that can now be controlled and is better understood.

+ 61. v Emma REED born 19 Aug 1879.

56. Caroline Louisa Huff born 26 Jun 1865, married 5 Nov 1895, Arthur Stewart Coriell, born 1 Mar 1853, died 29 Mar 1929. Caroline died 10 Nov 1922. Arthur: Caroline Louisa Huff was his second wife.


+ 62. i William Taylor Coriell born 4 Oct 1899.


Ninth Generation

59. William Christopher Reed born 26 Jul 1873, South Branch, Somerset Co., NJ, married 10 Oct 1900, in Westfield, NJ, Mary Elliott Scudder, (daughter of ______ Scudder and Mary C. *Scudder) died aft 1912, buried Fairview Cemetery, Westfield, NJ. William died 9 Jun 1912, Fanwood, NJ, buried Fairview Cemetery, Westfield, NJ. Had one child, W.C.Reed, Jr., died in infancy; the guest list and photos of wedding of Emma Reed, his sister, to George Burt Clark, 20 September 1900, show Mary Scudder with William Reed; they were married 20 days later -- 10 October 1900. See The Union County Standard, Friday, October 12, 1900, on Microfilm, Westfield Memorial Library. Mary: William's Obituary states that "William C. Reed died at the

home of his wife's mother, Mrs. Mary C. Scudder, at Fanwood. . . He is survived by a wife, his mother, Mrs. Sarah J. Reed, and sister, Mrs. G. B. Clark, of Augusta, Ga., and a brother, Alvah M. Reed, of Skillman,N.J."


63. i William Christopher Reed Jr. buried Fairview Cemetery, Westfield, NJ. Died in infancy.


61. Emma REED born 19 Aug 1879, Hillsborough (South Branch), Somerset,NJ, Occ. Housewife, married 20 Sep 1900, in Westfield, NJ, George Burt CLARK, born 22 Aug 1876, Westfield, NJ, (son of Martin Van Buren CLARK and Phoebe Ann SQUIRE) died 19 Dec 1961, Elizabeth, NJ, buried Rahway Cemetery, Rahway, NJ. Emma died 21 Mar 1940, Elizabeth, NJ, buried Reformed Church Cemetery, So. Branch, NJ. D.A.R. #281828 George: Burt was a ninth cousin of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (through Rev. John Lathrop lines). Certified copies of his birth and death certificates are in possession of Harman R. Clark, Jr., his grandson.


+ 64. i Harman Reed CLARK Sr. born 20 Jul 1901.


62. William Taylor Coriell born 4 Oct 1899, married 8 Oct 1921, Irene Alice Trent, born 2 Apr 1903, (daughter of John Henry Trent and Laura Taylor Van Duersen) died 16 Feb 1987. William died 25 Jan 1975.


+ 65. i Doris Louise Coriell born 3 Jul 1922.


Tenth Generation

64. Harman Reed CLARK Sr. born 20 Jul 1901, Westfield, NJ, Occ. Title Insurance, married 20 Jun 1929, in Lakewood, OH, Helen Jeanette LYNDE, born 20 Apr 1907, Perry, Wyoming Co., N.Y., (daughter of Charles Tilden LYNDE and Marion Ophelia STEVENS) Occ. Bible Teacher, died 14 Apr 1985, Summit,

Union, NJ, buried Rahway Cemetery, Rahway, NJ. Harman died 20 May 1968, Augusta, Richmond County, GA, buried Westover Memorial Park Cem, Augusta, GA. Founder & Director, The Harmony Trumpeters. Helen: Grad. Biblical Seminary, N.Y.C.


+ 66. i Harman Reed CLARK Jr. born 27 Oct 1931.


65. Doris Louise Coriell born 3 Jul 1922, married 20 Jan 1940, John G. Horvath, born 1 Nov 1918, (son of John Horvath and Helen Fritz). Doris Coriell Horvath has compiled records on the Huff Family, and copies are on file with the Special Collections, Rutgers University Library, New Brunswick, N.J. The information on her lines comes from these records and from correspondence with her.


67. i Barbara Jane Horvath born 10 Aug 1941.

68. ii Richard John Horvath born 20 Oct 1943.


Eleventh Generation

66. Harman Reed CLARK Jr. born 27 Oct 1931, Elizabeth, NJ, Occ. Lawyer, married 23 Mar 1957, in Trenton, Mercer County, NJ, Jane Randall Hess, born 6 May 1932, Trenton, Mercer County, NJ, (daughter of George Alfred Hess Sr. and Frances Margerum Randall) Occ. Teacher. B.A.c.l. Muskingum College; J.D. Dickinson School of Law; Municipal Judge 1973-1976. Green Brook Twp. Attorney 1959 to date; Jane: B.S. in Ed. Trenton State; Director of Learning Disabilities, Timothy Christian School, Piscataway, N.J. Children:

+ 69. i Betty Lou CLARK born 9 Dec 1961.

70. ii David Reed CLARK born 8 Mar 1963, Plainfield, Union County, NJ, Occ. F.C.A.S. (Casualty Ins.). B.A. magna cum laude, Eastern College 1985, including semester in Kyoto, Japan. Employed since 1985 by CIGNA Insurance Co., Philadelphia. PA.

71. iii Sarah Jane CLARK born 14 Nov 1966, Plainfield, Union County, NJ, Occ. School Teacher, married 18 Aug 1990, in North Plainfield, Somerset County, NJ, Patrick Leslie Ham, born 3 Feb 1970, Burlington, Chittenden Co., VT, son of Leslie Alston Ham and Dolores Edith Maynard) Occ. Math. Teacher. B.A. m.c.l. Houghton College; Ed.M. Rutgers University. College majors in French and Elementary Education. They live in Lyndon, VT., and teach in Union Baptist Christian School, St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Patrick: B.A. Houghton College 1990.

72. iv George Alfred CLARK born 8 Jun 1968, Plainfield, Union County, NJ, married 7 Sep 1991, in Newtown Square, Delaware County, PA, Ruth Anne Allen, born 16 Mar 1968, Knoxville, TN, (daughter of Oscar Allen and Mary Stotsenburg) Occ. Mgr.Encore Book Store. B.A. m.c.l. Eastern College, St. Davids, PA. Fred is currently enrolled in program for Master of Arts in Theological Studies, at Eastern Baptist Seminary, Philadelphia. Ruth: B.A.m.c.l. Eastern College 1990.


Twelfth Generation

69. Betty Lou CLARK born 9 Dec 1961, Plainfield, Union County, NJ, married 22 Sep 1984, in North Plainfield, Somerset County, NJ, David Wayne Green, born 4 Aug 1959, Cedar Rapids, Marion, IA, (son of Donald Howard Green and Florence Elizabeth Reedy). David: They moved to Pennsylvania 1991.


73. i Rebecca Elizabeth GREEN born 15 Aug 1987, Plainfield, Union County, NJ.

74. ii David Randall GREEN born 14 Mar 1989, Plainfield, Union County, NJ.