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Item 001: Hough, Haugh, Houff, Hauff, Huff, Hoff, and Ough of Great Britain. By Stan Hough.

A CD of over 1700 pages.  Detailed Description.                                 

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Item 002: A CD-ROM containing Six Volumes of the "Hough and Huff Families Of the United States" written by Granville W. Hough and A Huff Genealogy: Descendants of Engelbert Huff of Dutchess County, New York” by George Lockwood Trigg (1992).

  The George Lockwood Trigg book is a monumental work covering eleven generations of the descendants of Engelbert Huff, reputedly of Norway. This genealogy includes (in addition to the first two generations of Engelbert and his children) the following major lines of descent: Angle (or Englebert), Paul(us), Solomon, and Shadrack (Zadrach), all sons of Willem; and John and Gamaliel, both possible sons of Johannis. The author has recently revised this genealogy with new information and some corrections. ·

  Hough and Huff Families of the United States” - Granville W. Hough (1972, 1977, 1993). This series is a comprehensive look at the Hough and Huff families from all over the U.S., drawn from Federal census records, pension records, a variety of previously published materials (books and genealogical periodicals), and non-Federal censuses. Information varies widely for each individual, but generally includes name, dates of birth and death, state and county of residence, name of spouse, and names of children. This complete six volume set include: 1620-1880 Volume 1; 1620-1820, Northeastern States, Volume 2; 1620-1820, Southeastern States, Volume 3; 1790-1850, The Southern Expansion, Volume 4; The Midwest, Volume 5 and 1850-1900, The West, Volume 6.

This GRAPHIC IMAGE CD-ROM uses the powerful Adobe Acrobat Reader provided free on the CD, for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. 2000, 1661pp.  $28.50 #1498.

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ITEM 003:  A ten-year Compendium of the Huff/Hough/Hoff Journal on a CD, in both “Word” and “Adobe Acrobat” formats.  Over 570 pages, containing the articles in the Journal from 1993 through 2002.                   

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