Huff, Hough, & Hoff Families of the U.S.

Researching the Genealogy of all family lines of Huff, Hough, Hoff, Haff, Haugh and other variants of those surnames.

Featuring an extensive free database on those surnames 

"The Huff-Hough-Hoff Journal"
A Bi-monthly Newsletter containing Genealogies of various families of those surnames.

Published By
Max K. Huff

    I have an extensive database of persons and families of those surnames that have lived in this country from the earliest days of of settlement to the early 1900's. If you have questions or need assistance in locating an ancestor with one of those surnames, contact me via email (, giving me all your known information on the person you are seeking. In searching the Database, I can use most anything you have; such as locations, dates, children's names, spouse's name, etc. The Database is sorted first by location, so that can be the most important clue. I usually respond quickly to such requests, with either some answers or more questions.  There is no charge for this service. 

    A Newsletter has been published continuously since 1993, with six issues per year. Although originally titled a "Newsletter", it is not restricted to one name, or one family line, or to recent events. It is more a vehicle for publishing and researching all Family Groups, Lineages, and other genealogical-related data related to those surnames. Recently, the title was changed to "The Huff/Hough/Hoff Journal" to better reflect its true role. Submissions from subscribers are encouraged, but the majority of articles are from the research of Professor Granville W. Hough. Professor Hough is responsible for starting the database and then spending more than fifty years collecting and sorting every available piece of information on all persons in the U.S. with the surnames mentioned above.

    Although collecting all that information was a daunting task, his lasting contribution is the sorting of that information into family lines; some into six and seven generations. While many family researchers have accomplished this task within a single family line, this database covers all Huff, Hough, Hoff, etc families and is certainly one of the most extensive "one-name" collections in existence.

 My current Library consists of many  notebooks of collected information on the surnames, over 50 related genealogies from other authors, and approximately 10,000 family groups in digital form. Virtually every person with those surnames who lived in the U.S. from the earliest days through 1920 are included - if they were listed in any public record. The majority of the Library is the original data collected by Prof. Hough. I and others have made some later contributions, but they pale in comparison to the vast body of his work.

    Only selected items from the Database will be published on the Internet. Volume I of the Newsletter (Journal) has been placed here as a sample of the content. All other Volumes are available as reprints and on a CD (see Subscriptions page).


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Articles and Genealogical Information - Selected Articles and Volume I of the Newsletter

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